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1.     To create a supportive team atmosphere with positive, encouraging attitudes, & sportsmanship.

2.     To familiarize each player with the strengths & weaknesses of their game & raise the level of play through drills, strategies, match play & conditioning.

3.     To have fun & provide a quality experience for all players.

4.     To win the Eastern League Championship!


1.     Academics:

A.    Athletes are students first.  They must have & maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in academics and citizenship throughout the season in order to play. 

2.     Attendance: 

A.    Athletes are to be ON TIME to practice & matches. Being tardy will result in 10 push-ups for every minute late.  However, letting one of the captains or Coach Dabney know ahead of time will prevent the penalty.

B.    Athletes must remain at each practice & match until the completion.

C.     Absences must be made up either before or after the absence, regardless of the reason. Failure to do so will result in sitting out the next match.

D.    If a player holds a job, it must be flexible enough to accommodate the team schedule. 

E.   All practices are CLOSED to family, friends, and private coaches.  This allows the team to bond and work together without outside influences.


      3. Behavior:

A. Athletes are to be prepared for practices & matches with proper equipment and clothing. Being unprepared will result in a warning.  Being unprepared the next day will result in sitting out the next match.

B. For safety reasons, sunglasses are not permitted while playing, unless prescribed by a doctor.

C. Proper sportsmanship is to be exemplary at all times.   Always shake hands with the opponent & congratulate them on a good match. (See: Code of Ethics in Athletic Packet)

D. It is expected that athletes will show respect to all coaches & administrators.  Any disrespect towards Coach Dabney will result in sitting out the next match, &/or removal from the team, depending on the situation.

E. Athletes should refrain from behaviors that result in detention, suspension, or being placed on the Loss of Privileges List during the school day.

                                                F. FOUL LANGUAGE &/OR RACKET-THROWING ARE NOT  



4. Alcohol and Drugs:

        A.     Athletes are not permitted to smoke, drink alcohol, or be under the influence   of any narcotics, in or out of uniform. If an athlete is taking prescription medication, inform Coach Dabney immediately. VIOLATING THIS POLICY IS AN IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM THE TEAM.   Coach Dabney is prohibited by law to provide medications  to athletes.

 5. Challenge Ladder:

A.     Weekly challenges will take place to rank players for the upcoming matches.                Each player has the opportunity to challenge the player just above them on the  challenge ladder. (For Example: #3 may challenge #2, but #4 may not challenge #1.)  A player who is absent DUE TO ILLNESS or a DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT will not lose their spot on the ladder. However, if their absence is not excused (i.e. out of town) the player could possibly lose their spot.  The results of these challenges will be used to determine the line-up for the upcoming matches.


C.   The substitution rule in tennis gives the coach flexibility to allow players who are       not in the top 3 positions to play. The ladder will still be honored.

6.     Transportation:

A.    Athletes are to provide their own transportation to & from all practices & matches. Drivers need to have a form on file with the Athletic Director in order to drive other players. All rules of the road are to be followed.

                  B.  Parents who drive will decide whether to take each player to their house, or  

                        drop them off at Serra after a match. In the case of dropping students off at 

                        Serra, each player is responsible for getting themselves home. 

7.     Varsity Letter and Certificate:

A.    A Varsity Letter & Certificate will be awarded to each player who has played at least one match during the season.  These will be awarded at the end of the season banquet.  Each player MUST turn in their team uniform in order to receive their award.

B.    Letterman’s jackets may be purchased at several locations throughout San Diego County. Those popular to Serra:

                                               a.   Berry's Athletic Supply 619.466.1248

                                               b.   Sportland    619.593.8326


8.     Financial Obligation:

A.    Fundraisers will be offered during the season to assist with the Awards Banquet. Fundraisers are a team effort & all are expected to participate.

B.    Uniforms are provided by the school. If they are not returned at the end of the season, the athlete will be charged.

C.     It is HIGHLY recommended that players provide their own tennis racket & hard court tennis shoes, as there are individual preferences for each player. As always, if the athlete cannot afford a racket, one will be provided by the school.

9.  Open Communication:

      Communicating with Coach Dabney & the captains is one key to enjoying the tennis experience at Serra High. Please feel free to contact the coach through e-mail, text messaging, or phone call. The more we communicate, the fewer incidences we incur.

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"I have read & agree to adhere to the policies of the Serra High School Tennis Program & the rules of tennis."

Signed ___________________________________ Date______________ Athlete

Signed ___________________________________ Date _____________ Parent


Any medical conditions (asthma, epilepsy, recent sprains, muscle pains, etc.)




Athlete’s Cell #__________________________

Mom’s Name_____________________________________________

Mom’s e-mail ____________________________________________

Mom’s Home #__________________________

Mom’s Work #__________________________

Mom’s Cell #____________________________

Dad’s Name______________________________________________

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In case of emergency, who is the FIRST person we should contact?



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